ARN is moving!

Gepubliceerd op 23 augustus 2017

As we progress from A to B in our company evolution, ARN is moving from Amsterdam to Breukelen after 23 memorable years. It will be from our new location in the heart of the Netherlands that we will be further strengthening our collaboration with stakeholders.

All of ARN’s business associates will be sent a change of address notification shortly by mail or e-mail. Our new contact details will also be posted on the website, of course. Our new contact details:

Postbus 190
3620 AD Breukelen
Visiting address:
De Corridor 5
3621 ZA Breukelen

Phone: +31 (0)346 -728220
Fax: +31 (0)346 -728221

ARN freepost number no longer valid after 1 September

As a result of the move, our freepost number will no longer be valid as from 1 September and cannot be used from this date. Since most communication these days takes place by e-mail or phone, ARN has decided to no longer offer a freepost number.

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